Troxler Press Releases

Troxler Announces ISAP Press Release
June 2014 Troxler was proud to host the International Society for Asphalt Pavements (ISAP) for tours, and a BBQ dinner.
Pictures of the event

Troxler Announces Accreditation to ISO 17025 by A2LA
June 8, 2012 – Troxler announces accreditation by A2LA in the calibration field for its North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas service locations. Visit the Services page to view our scopes of accreditation and certificates.

Troxler Introduces Automatic Drying Unit for the Laboratory
April 18, 2011 – Troxler introduces the latest addition to their line of laboratory testing equipment for the asphalt industry.  The Troxler Model 5151 Automatic Drying Unit is a vacuum drying mechanism for the quick drying of asphalt cores and loose aggregate samples. 

Troxler Recognized by US Department of Commerce for Export Achievement
May 18, 2010 – Troxler has been awarded the Export Achievement Certificate from the US Department of Commerce for excellence in international performance. This is the second time that Troxler has been honored by the US Department of Commerce.

Troxler Introduces Paving Accessories to Product Line
May 13, 2010 – Troxler is proud to announce the addition of wedge paving accessories to its line. The SafeTSlope Edge Smoother and the JoinTLock Wedge Maker are currently available for purchase.

Troxler Introduces the NEW Model 5850 Gyratory Compactor
September 8, 2009 – Troxler announces the release of the Troxler Model 5850 Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a powerful hydraulic motor and software adjustable angles of gyration, the compact and durable Model 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab.

Troxler Launches Online HAZMAT Training Course
April 28, 2009
– Troxler is pleased to announce that online training for HAZMAT Certification for portable nuclear gauge users is now available.

Precision Standards International Becomes a Fully Authorized Service Center
March 30, 2009
– Troxler is proud to announce that Precision Standards International (PSI) in Jacksonville, FL, is a fully authorized service center. PSI is a well known and highly respected company in Northeast Florida with a 25-year history of providing quality lab calibrations to the engineering community.

Troxler Selects LeanForward to Develop Web-Based Training Courses
March 13, 2009 – Troxler announces that we selected LeanForward, a developer of custom eLearning courseware, to design and develop online training courses as well as to power Troxler Electronic Laboratories' online university.