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Model 2701-B PaveTracker™ Plus NON-NUCLEAR GAUGE

The Model 2701-B Troxler PaveTracker Plus is an electromagnetic density indication device for asphalt quality control measurements. The PaveTracker Plus contains no radioactive material, and therefore no licensing or special training is required to own or operate this equipment. Your entire asphalt paving team could be ready to perform asphalt QC measurements at a moment’s notice.

Features & Benefits

The Model 2701-B is a lightweight device, weighing only 11 lbs. (5 kg) and displays measurement results in only two seconds! These features allow the technician to measure larger areas in a shorter amount of time.  If problem areas are found, further compaction effort can quickly be made to increase the density of the asphalt. 

The PaveTracker Plus comes with a reference test plate built in to the case. This allows the operator to test the unit to be sure that they are getting reliable results and allows them to reference the device as often as desired. This function “tunes” the device to a known medium that was used in the unit’s calibration process, therefore is a valuable tool to have in the field.

The choice of two handle styles is also standard with the device: the technician can use the longer L-shaped handle or the shorter handle as desired. The larger backlit display screen is also a benefit to the operator; it can easily be seen from a standing position and in dim light when illuminated. Because the PaveTracker Plus does not require any moisture offset or temperature offsets in the field, the chance of errors due to miscalculations is reduced.

Areas of segregation, low density or other non-uniformity are easily detected by the PaveTracker Plus, making it a quality control device that is needed by every asphalt pavement company and engineering testing firm!

Other features include:

  • Simple, self-adhesive disc design using upgraded materials
  • Easy field replacement and installation
  • Longer life than the original design
  • Cost-effective replacement kit
  • Optional GPS capability -- contact us for more information and to order today!


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