Model 5950 Overlay Tester

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Asphalt overlay cracking is a material problem that also correlates with pavement structure, environmental, and traffic conditions. The Troxler Overlay Tester is designed to establish the material behavior of overlays and individual lift samples. This equipment meets the need for a simple performance test used for mix design as well as for predicting cracking susceptibility and overlay performance in roadway samples.



The Troxler Overlay Tester is a hydraulic driven machine that applies a cyclic load to a specimen cut from a 6” diameter sample. A built-in temperature control system and laptop computer with software preinstalled are included. The required sample plates to prepare three specimens are standard accessories with the equipment. Tests are performed in a temperature controlled environmental chamber large enough to condition samples while performing tests.




Easy to use Overlay Tester Software includes displacement, load tolerance, load drop percentage, number of cycles, time delay, and more Controlled environmental chamber with heating or cooling capabilities between 5°C-40°C Displacement testing range of -2mm to 2mm No special ventilation requirements SAE or Metric measurement values Automatic pump shutoff after test completion Capable of both load control & displacement control Max load output of 5,000 lbs


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