EGauge Model 4590 Soil Density Gauge

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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry. We are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges. In addition to nuclear gauges, Troxler is also a leader in the production of Gyratory Compactors and Asphalt Ignition Ovens. Troxler continues to set new product standards of quality and precision in the construction industry. For a complete list of Troxler equipment, please review this Products section.

* This product is currently available for the US market only.

Troxler, the industry leader in nuclear density gauges, now offers a license-exempt option for soil quality control testing! The EGauge uses the proven nuclear technology for density measurements unlike other non-licensed density measurement devices.

  • Accurate and reliable readings – compares well to industry standards

  • As easy to use as Troxler’s current gauges

"We absolutely love Troxler's EGauge. It operates much like their nuclear density gauges, but no licensing is required, which we really like. Keep up the good work!"
William Mercurio, PE
Cherry, Weber & Associates

Exempt from the Hassles of Licensing

Maintaining a radioactive materials license can be complicated and time consuming for owners of “Specifically Licensed” gauges. In the United States, the EGauge is exempt from the radioactive materials license: no special training classes for operators, no TLD badges, no special shipping documents, and no reciprocity needed to use it in other states.

Easy to Use

The operation of the Model 4590 is similar to that of the traditional Troxler nuclear density gauges and therefore, the experienced operator can use the gauge with little additional training.

Reliable and Repeatable Density Results

Data collected by multiple agencies shows excellent correlation between the EGauge and Troxler’s Model 3440 Density Gauge (R2 values ranged from 0.93 to 0.98). EGauge repeatability is also equal to that of the current density gauges as listed in the applicable ASTM specification (0. 3 lb/ft3 (4.8 kg/m3)).

Complete with Moisture Probe

The Troxler Model 6760 Moisture Probe is provided with each EGauge. The electromagnetic probe measures the moisture of the soil in the same prepared hole that is used for the density measurement. Blue tooth technology enables the probe to communicate the moisture data to the EGauge allowing the gauge to display complete results. The EGauge also accepts moisture data using the keypad if another method is used.

Additional Features and Options

  • Easy to Read Display – easy to read enlarged LCD screen with backlighting for viewing in low light conditions.

  • Automatic Depth Mode – detects the source rod depth during each measurement.

  • Data Storage and Output – stores up to 1000 test readings under multiple projects for later recall or downloading.

  • Auto-Store Function – when enabled automatically stores sample data under the active project.

  • USB Port – access for outputting stored data to a printer or removable storage “thumb drive.”

  • Optional GPS – records GPS information with each measurement and has Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capabilities for better accuracy.

For more information on the EGauge, please see the reference materials at the links below.
— A US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center report—"Validation Testing of Non-Nuclear Alternatives to Measuring Soil Density"—references the EGauge. Click here to download a PDF version of it.
— Troxler presented a paper on the EGauge ("New Low-Activity Nuclear Gauge for Soil Wet Density Measurement with Low Regulatory Burden") at the 2nd International Road Federation (IRF) Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition. Click here to download a PDF version of it.
— University of Delaware graduate student William Baker (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) conducted a research study comparing EGauge results to those obtained via the Model 3440 and the drive cylinder method. Click here to download a PDF version of his paper, "A Comparison of In-Place Unit Weight and Moisture Content Measurements Made Using Nuclear Based Methods and the Drive Cylinder Method."


Measurement Specifications

6 inch (15 mm) Depth
lb/ft3 ( 2163 kg/m3) Sample Density

Measurement Time = 2 min;
Background Time = 1 min


Repeatability (1-standard deviation)

0. 3 lb/ft3 (4.8 kg/m3)

Reproducibility (1-standard deviation)

0.5 lb/ft3 (8.0  kg/m3)[1]

Composition Error

0 lb/ft3 (0  kg/m3)

Mechanical Specifications

EGauge Size (HxLxW)

24.6” x 15.4” x 9.2”
625mm x 391mm x 234mm

Moisture Probe Size (HxLxW)

8.2” x 13.6” x 5.6”
208mm x 346mm x 142mm

Case Dimensions (HxLxW)

31.3” x 20.4” x 15.5”
795mm x 518mm x 393mm


35 lbs (13.8 kgb)

Shipping Weight

83.0 lbs (37.6 kg)

Storage Temperature

-67 – 185º F  (-55 to 85º C)

Operating temperature

41 – 128º F  (-5 to 70º C)

Electrical Specifications


Power    Source



NiMH rechargeable batteries


5 AA alkaline batteries

Charge Source

12 V dc, 2A

Battery Recharge Time

3 hours maximum,
(may be charged incrementally without damaging the batteries)

Time Before Automatic Shutdown

5 hours of inactivity

[1] Reproducibility as measured is consistent with that stated in ASTM-D6938-10


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