Model 4301/4302 Soil Moisture Gauge

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The easiest, most precise way to monitor your soil's moisture content is with the Model 4301 and 4302 Soil Moisture Gauge. Precise on-the-spot moisture readings from the entire root zone, as well as areas above and below, can be taken at whatever depth you choose. Troxler developed the 4301 and 4302 specifically to meet the highest standards of growers, researchers, and consultants who demand precision, speed, durability, and dependability.


Using the Model 4301 and 4302 is simple. Access tubes are placed where moisture needs to be monitored and the probe is lowered into the tube. Neutrons emitted by the probe enter the soil and are thermalized by the hydrogen present in water. These thermalized neutrons enter the helium-3 detector and are registered as a count. Then, using a calibration program, the detected counts are converted into the precise soil moisture readings that you require.

Features and Benefits

  • Profile moisture measurements from root zone to over 30.49m (100 feet) deep
  • Exclusive notebook feature allows the user to tailor entry of data for research analysis or for irrigation scheduling requirements 
  • One thousand (1000) lines of readings, notes, and auto notes can be stored and transferred to a printer or spreadsheet 
  • Stores 64 individual calibrations
  • Readings are not affected by salts, temperature, or barometric pressure
  • Proven accuracy and dependability around the world


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