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Parts & Accessories Orders

Many Troxler parts and accessories can be purchased by placing an order through our Parts department at 1.877.TROXLER.

Equipment Orders

It is best to obtain a written price quote to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. The equipment, standard accessories and price will be given on this form. When you are ready to place the order, please fax the quote along with a statement that you intend to purchase the listed equipment (or a company purchase order) to the sales department at +1.919.549.0761. Be sure to include all necessary documents as explained below.

  • Credit References (required if more than 2 years since last order)
    If you are a new customer or have not placed an order in the last 2 years, you will need to submit a
    credit application form with your order.
  • Radioactive Material License (required for most nuclear gauges)
    The Troxler nuclear moisture / density gauges contain low level radioactive materials which are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or your state agency. Troxler gauges that fall under this category include, among others, models 3430, 3430 Plus, 3440, 3440 Plus, 3450, and 4640. If you already have the license, Troxler needs to have a current copy on file in order to ship a nuclear gauge to you. It is best to send a copy of the license with your order if you are not sure that we already have it. Please refer to the Troxler
    Licensing Guide for information regarding how to apply for this license. It is possible to place an order for radioactive equipment before the license is obtained, but understand that we cannot ship it until we have a copy of the license; if this is the case simply let us know that "license is pending".

If you wish to request a quote for Troxler equipment, please e-mail or call our Sales department at 1.877.TROXLER (Outside the USA +1.919.549.8661).