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Sealed Source Leak Testing

Sealed sources must be leak tested at regular intervals (typically every six or twelve months, as specified in your radioactive material license). To assist users in meeting this requirement, Troxler provides a leak test kit and analysis service. The Troxler leak test kit contains all of the materials necessary for users to perform leak tests on devices containing sealed sources. The purchase of either a full kit or a refill kit includes analysis of the samples.

Following the leak test kit instructions, the user will collect a leak test sample. The sample is then returned to Troxler by mail for analysis. Samples are normally analyzed and a leak test certificate showing the results of the analysis is mailed to the user (or faxed/emailed upon request). About one month before the next leak test is due, Troxler will automatically mail you a reminder.

Troxler is licensed by the State of North Carolina
(Lic. #032-0182-1) to provide sealed source leak test services for most beta, gamma, or alpha emitting sources, such as Co-60, Ni-63, Sr-90, Cs-137, Ra-226, Am-241, and Cf-252. Please call to confirm measurement capability for other sources.


Leak Test Instructions

  1. First, make sure the source rod is locked into the storage (or SAFE) position.
  2. Using the Troxler Model 3880 Leak Test kit and accompanying instructions, remove the control panel from the gauge front.
  3. Looking down into the gauge interior, locate the yellow radiation label in the middle of the gauge base and on the top of the circuit board. Wipe the yellow label with the wipe disk.
  4. Next, turn the gauge on one side and locate the opening through which the source rod would protrude when indexing. Wipe around and into this opening.
  5. Complete the sample folder and leak test form (keeping the yellow copy for your records).
  6. Mail the form and sample to Troxler for analysis.


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