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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, the leader in construction testing equipment for over 50 years, offers state-of-the-art service using the latest technology at five Troxler Service Centers and three Service Partners.

Protect Your Investments

Protect your investments with a Troxler Service Agreement. Choose one of three simple and straight-forward offers, a Maintenance & Calibration Package, an Extended Warranty, or a Full Service Agreement, to ensure your equipment stays in working order and your downtime is reduced. Contact your Troxler representative or nearest Service Center to learn more.


Service Maintenance & Calibration Package Extended Warranty Full Service Agreement
Routine Maintenance  
Preset Price

Turnaround Time

2 to 5 days 1 to 5 days 1 to 5 days
Preferred Shipping Rates*
Parts Cost  
Labor Cost  
1 Year Available
3 Year Available

*Shipping NOT included in price or turnaround time


Maintenance and Calibration Includes:

  1. All routine maintenance as outlined in the product's operator manual
  2. Includes standard part replacement cost and labor
  3. Calibration
  4. Cleaning and lubrication
  5. Complete mechanical assessment
  6. Repair notification (if not under contract)
  7. All software updates, if required


Troxler Extended Warranty Includes:

  1. Pre-priced service contract
  2. At warranty conclusion
  3. Available later in life with pre-certification (sometimes offered as a promotion)
  4. Provides for repair services
  5. Based on serial number
  6. Includes parts and labor
  7. Includes calibration if repaired
  8. Available for one year or three years


Troxler Full Service Agreement Includes:

  1. Pre-priced service contract
  2. At warranty conclusion
  3. Provides for repair services
  4. Based on serial number
  5. Includes parts, labor, and calibration
  6. Available for one year or three years
  7. Three-year agreement includes three annual calibrations and routine maintenance

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About Our Company

Since 1958, Troxler has been the worldwide leader in precision quality control and measurement equipment for the highway and construction industries. We are dedicated to providing full service, training, and maintenance support for all our products through our international sales and support offices in the US, Canada, Germany and through our 50 distributors around the world.

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