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I require an A2LA calibration of this gauge for an additional $50 charge. What is this?

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  • Place your Troxler lock on the gauge handle.
  • Be sure that the sliding block (where the source rod exits the 3400 and 4640 series gauges) is fully closed.
  • Inspect the case to be sure that it is in good condition and the labels are readable.
  • Make sure the proper labels are on the case.
  • Place a tamper-evident seal on the outside of the case (hasp).


  • Place your License Form in your shipping case.
  • The FedEx Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods forms must be printed on a color printer.
  • Sign and date the forms as required.
  • The person who signs the forms must have a current Hazmat certification. (If they do not, Troxler offers an online certification/recertification course through our Troxler Learning Center. Click here for more information and/or to register.)
  • You will have four copies of the shipping forms—three for the driver and one for your records. (Retain this copy for two years after shipping.)
  • Give a copy of the Troxler Nuclear Gauge Emergency Response Information Required for Transportation document to the driver.
  • Sign the gauge out on your utilization log to indicate that it was sent to Troxler for service/maintenance (or disposal if applicable).

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