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About Troxler Products

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry. We are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges. In addition to nuclear gauges, Troxler is also a leader in the production of Gyratory Compactors and Asphalt Ignition Ovens. Troxler continues to set new product standards of quality and precision in the construction industry. For a complete list of Troxler equipment, please review this Products section.

Troxler’s FREE app will make data transfer from your field devices easier than ever before.
Collect your stored data wirelessly on your smart device with Bluetooth capabilities.

This is a first for the industry!

  • Collect moisture, density and location data that is stored in your Troxler gauge.
  • Send the data to the office or to others overseeing the project.
  • Reduce data errors that occur when recording data by hand.
  • Data transferred as a .txt file that can be easily uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

To purchase the Bluetooth adapter for your gauge, click here

Download App Here


Download the app to your Android device from the Google Play website. Then, choose the Bluetooth adapter that will fit your Troxler equipment. The adapter fits on the RS232 port of your gauge to allow the data to be sent to the smart phone wirelessly. It only needs to be installed for the short time that the data is being transferred. Once you receive and install the adapter you are ready to use the app!

Adapter 1- Model 3430Plus / 3440Plus

Adapter 2- Model 3440/ 4640

Adapter 3- Model 3450 / 2701B


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