EGauge Combo Model 4540 Asphalt & Soil Density Gauge

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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry. We are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges. In addition to nuclear gauges, Troxler is also a leader in the production of Gyratory Compactors and Asphalt Ignition Ovens. Troxler continues to set new product standards of quality and precision in the construction industry. For a complete list of Troxler equipment, please review this Products section.

License Exempt, Troxler Accurate

From the inventor of the nuclear density gauge comes the ONLY combination nuclear gauge that is License Exempt!

License Exempt
  • Less hassle and saves money.
  • Eliminates: RML, Reciprocity, TLD Badges, Storage Requirements, Transportation Requirements, Double Locks, Leak Tests, Record Keeping, Emergency Procedures, Expensive Shipping, Radiation Safety Training, and Military Base Restrictions
  • Going with license Exempt equipment also eliminates the risk of a surprise inspection by the state regulatory agency or NRC.
Combination Design
  • Direct Transmission, compliant with ASTM D8167. 
  • Standard Test Method for In-Place Bulk Density of Soil and Soil-Aggregate by a Low-Activity    Nuclear Method (Shallow Depth)
  • Backscatter, compliant with ASTM D2950 (and D8167).
  • Standard Test Method for Density of Bituminous Concrete in Place by Nuclear Methods
  • Lab tested to hold similar accuracy as licensed nuclear gauges
  • Extremely accurate and more reliable than non-nuclear devices
  • Saves time due to not needing an offset/correlation
License Exempt nuclear density gauge, only available through Troxler.

Measurement Specifications

Reading Depths

Backscatter (~top 3.5” measured)
2-12” Direct Transmission

Reading Times BS: 30sec, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min
DT: 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min
ASTM Compliance ASTM D2950 and D8167
Source Activity 90microCuries
Moisture Measurement Bluetooth connected capacitance probe
Manual entrry

Mechanical Specifications

EGauge Size (H x L x W)

24.6” x 15.4” x 9.2”
625mm x 391mm x 234mm

Moisture Probe Size (H x L x W)

8.2” x 13.6” x 5.6”
208mm x 346mm x 142mm

Moisture Probe Size (H x L x W)

31.3” x 20.4” x 15.5”
795mm x 518mm x 393mm

Weight 33 lbs (14.97 kg)
Shipping Weight 83 lbs (38 kg)
Screen Backlit 4x20 LCD

Electrical Specifications

Main Power Source

NiMH rechargeable batteries

Backup Power Source

5 AA alkaline batteries

Charge Source

12 V DC, 2A


Features: Auto Depth, LED Charger Indicator, GPS, Bluetooth, Remote Keypad, USB Port, Data Storage - 1,000 readings, Serial Port, and External Beeper.

Case Features: Extendable Handle and Wheels


  EGauge Combo Non-Nuclear Cores
Measures Density Relative Density Density
Accuracy Matches core and is industry standard Correlations needed Industry standard
Destructive  No No Yes
Reading Times 30 seconds - 2 minutes 2-10 seconds Hours
Best Use QA/QC QC QA
Limitations None Less accurate Destructive and tested off sight


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