RoofReader Model 3216 Gauge

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Water infiltration is one of industry's most persistent and costly problems. The loss of insulating properties, structural deterioration and damage to interiors caused by these leaks cost owners of flat, built-up roofs billions of dollars every year. Much of this expense is wasted because the entire roof is removed when only a portion of it actually needs replacing. Rising energy and roofing material costs compound the problem.

The Troxler Model 3216 RoofReader allows mapping of hydrogen concentrations within the roofing structure, permitting repair or replacement of only saturated areas. As part of a preventative maintenance program, the RoofReader quickly pinpoints problem areas. The RoofReader is also an effective quality assurance tool on new roofing materials for warranty verification and for tracing leaks.


Measurement (US Customary Units)

  7.5 sec 15 sec 1 min
Precision at 12.5 ±0.74 pcf ±0.52 pcf ±0.26 pcf
Depth of Measurement at 12.5




Useful Measurement Range


0-62.4 ppcf


Measurement (S.I. Units)

  7.5 sec 15 sec 1 min
Precision at 200 ±11.9 kg/m3 ±8.4 kg/m3 ±4.2 kg/m3
Depth of Measurement at 200


±225 mm


Useful Measurement Range


0-1000 kg/m3



Neutron Source

40 mCi ±10% Am-241:Be w/70,000 n/sec. yield, TEL A-102451

Source Form Stainless steel, double encapsulation
Source Classification per ANSI N-542-1977 ANSI-C54444
Shielding Tungsten, lead, and cadmium
Surface Dose Rate (5 cm)

24 mrem/hr max., neutron; 1 mrem/hrgamma

Shipping Case DOT 7A, Type A, Yellow II label, TI = 0.3
Sealed Source Approved for Domestic and International Shipments Special Form
Time Accuracy and Stability ±0.005%, ±0.0002% / °C
Battery Capacity

14 watt hours

Charge Source 110/220 V ac, 50-60 Hz or 12-14 V dc
Battery Recharge Time AC 14 hours, DC 3 hours
Readout LCD 4 digits
Power Consumption (average) 0.08 watts
Power Consumption after Automatic Shutdown 0.001 watts
Battery packs are fully protected against overcharge and over-discharge. The low battery alarm is indicated on the display several hours prior to automatic cutoff. 


Weight 9 lbs. (4.1 kg)
Shipping Case 23 x 10 x 17 in. (58 x 25 x 43 cm)
Shipping Weight 26.5 lbs. (12 kg)
Operating Temperature 14 to 158°F (-10 to 70°C)
Storage Temperature -67 to 185°F (-55 to 85°C)
Height with Collapsed Handle 19.5 inches (495 mm)
Height with Extended Handle 30.3 inches (770 mm)


The RoofReader Model 3216 Gauge provides the following features and benefits:

  • Helps save money on repair costs by accurately mapping roof moisture and highlighting the damaged areas 
  • Pinpoints problem areas while they are still manageable 
  • Provides an effective quality assurance tool for acceptance testing on new roofs
  • Contains proven, non-destructive testing technology of neutron thermalization that can be used under virtually any environmental condition 
  • Has an adjustable handle height and a large display to eliminate bending 
  • Weighs only 9 pounds 
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty


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